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About Black Beard Group

Bringing Expertise Home

We are experienced heavy equipment operators with almost a century of combined experience in land development across the world. We recently returned to Nova Scotia and, as your neighbors, we look forward to helping you develop your lot, while meeting your expectations in a timely way.

Nova Scotia is rich in pirate folklore. Today as “Black Beard”, we provide a unique approach to land and shoreline development projects with specialized processes that ensure we maintain the lowest possible impact on the environment.

We want to help you enjoy the forests and shoreline that are never far from the ocean. If we can help you gaze to the sea from your living room – unobstructed by the Nova Scotian jungle, and imagine the treasure ships that were once sailing by, our goal will be achieved!


Together we have been collectively moving earth and developing land for near a century. ‚Äč


Having operated the largest earth movers in the world, we are as capable as you can get.


We care about our province and strive to have minimum impact on nature and your budget.

Fully equipPed

The right tools for the job

We own several land development machines and a good relationship with heavy equipment lenders for those really big jobs.

As Hardy as Pirates

A REsourcful Team

Many areas of Nova Scotia have never been developed due to inaccessibility and harsh conditions. However, swamps, jungle, mosquitos, and bad weather are no problem to us! During hurricane Dorian, we even propped up a trailer with our excavator to keep it from blowing over.

Yo-ho-ho, leave it to Black Beard to take care of your project.

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