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RoadWay Building

Here are some “before” and “after” shots of some of our roadway projects:

Minimal impact

After years of making roadways for large trucks in the wilderness, we have developed a unique approach for building roads in-situ, with raw materials straight from your site.

This not only helps us build roadways more efficiently, but also ensures the lowest possible impact on the environment in these ways:

  • We use materials that we have extracted directly from the site of your new road, rather than trucking in heavy materials from a far-away quarry. This is better both for your budget and for your carbon-footprint. No unsightly pits dug, no fuel burned to bring gravel to your site.

  • The topsoil in Nova Scotia is very not abundant so to preserve this resource we do not simply build on top of it. When we build a road, we carefully remove the topsoil and repurpose it for your lawn, garden or area that you wish to cultivate.

We are proud that our approach is especially suited to preserve the delicate balance of the irreplaceable South Shore ecosystems.